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Residential Roof Cleaning

Did you know that The Dirt Hunter is one of five licensed roof cleaning companies in the State of Michigan? What does that mean? That means we have gone through all of the state’s classes and programs and are fully licensed by the state of Michigan to clean roofs. All the other companies who are not licensed are operating illegally! Our roof cleaning service uses a soft wash method that ensures no damage to the shingles on your roof. Our cleaning solution kills mold, algae, or lichen which quickly deteriorates your shingles if not killed and cleaned. Do you have black streaks on your roof? These are the beginning stages of those organisms growing on your shingles. For a fraction of the cost of replacement, you can get your roof cleaned and give it many more years of life.

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Roof Cleaning

Our soft wash method is the safest method used to clean shingles. In lengthens the life of your shingles and we are one of ten michigan companies that are licensed by the State Of Michigan to perform roof cleaning legally.
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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Whether it’s a Government contract, strip mall, storefront, or apartment building, we have cleaned them all. As a fully insured roof cleaning company, thousands of business owners and property management companies trust us with their businesses. Our soft wash roof cleaning system safely cleans shingles on all different types of buildings. We are one of five fully licensed roof cleaning companies in the state of Michigan. Get your free quote today.
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Frequently Asked Brighton Roof Cleaning Questions

Yes, we are fully insured with liability and workers comp which means you as the customer are fully protected.
Yes! The state of Michigan made it a requirement in 2018 that you must be licensed by the State of Michigan to legally clean roofs. We are proud to say we were the second licensed company in the whole state!
The black streaks you are seeing on your shingles are the starting of mold, algae, and lichen. It begins to eat away at your shingles which quickly destroys the life of your roof. Our roof cleaning will kill and remove those organisms.

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