About Us


The Dirt Hunter is a local and family owned window cleaning company that offers a high level of service. We perform hundreds of window cleaning jobs every year for the people in our community. When The Dirt Hunter was started, it was built on the theory that customer service was the most important thing. To this day we still stand on that theory.

As a local business owner, I understand what most people are looking for. Someone local, good service, a trustworthy company, and someone who’s professional. That’s why every portion of our business reflects those traits.
From the way your spoken to on the phone to the way we perform the job at your home.

Meet The Owners
Matt’s a local and down to earth family guy. He’s 25 years old and he has lived in the Linden/Fenton area his entire life. He loves the community and is proud to not only own a business here but also employ people from the community. Matt started the business from scratch on his own. His goal was to start a service company that offered good and honest services while offering great customer service. On his free time Matt enjoys to deer hunt, work on his 1950 Ford F1, and spend time with his wife and two dogs.

Matt Smith