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Afraid to reach the roof to clean the gutters? Of all the home maintenance projects, gutter cleaning is easily forgotten, until it sends a nasty reminder such as a leak in the basement causing mold. Clearly, fixing a basement is a bigger price to pay than periodically maintaining your gutters. In fact, consider a clean gutter, a stitch in time!

Michigan weather constantly affects the gutters. During summer and fall, excessive leaves, twigs, and branches are the usual suspects to derail their health. In winter, snow gets collected and turns into ice that lodges in the niche creating “dams.” Dams trap the moisture for a long time, which could damage the roof, eventually even breaking the gutter, or making the basement moldy.

Come spring, the dirt and moisture retained from ice, literally brings new life. Plants take firm roots, and even insect activity increases. With the cyclic nature of the seasons, this damage is persistent, and the gutters take the toll. In our experience, Michigan weather requires at least once a year cleaning. It also depends on the location of the house, particularly if it’s surrounded with trees. In that case, we recommend cleaning it twice a year.

We want you to know that with our gutter cleaning services, you buy peace of mind, and gutters can do their job of keeping the rainwater flowing. We will even work with you to design a year-round package for a reasonable price. We come in our uniforms and vehicle registered to our company assuring authorized personnel entering your premises. We carry all the supplies required to do the job, and there is no last minute running to the store. Finally, we will clean up after ourselves, and bag the dirt and leaves, ready to be picked up with your other garbage.

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“I am so lucky to have been connected with Matt and Jake of The Dirt Hunter. I was looking for someone to hang some eye catching Christmas lights at my business and from the very first phone call they were easy to communicate with and quick to respond to my questions. They worked so hard and completed the task of hanging 10,000 lights in just 2 days. Little did I know that the beautiful Christmas lights on my building would attract so much positive attention and even new customers! Since then we have been working with Matt and Jake on several other projects. They are on a whole other level of customer service and professionalism, and I am happy to refer them anytime I hear someone needing services that they offer! Thank you Matt and Jake!!”

Dr WaxDr. Wax Orthodontics

We are very satisfied with the service that this company provided for us! We had our house, windows and gutter whitening done last year! Thank you Dirt Hunter for a fantastic job coupled with professionalism and quality!

Greg QuinnFenton, MI

I just want to say the 2 guys that came to my house this morning were soooo professional, thorough, prompt and courteous. The gentleman on the inside took his shoes off at the door, left his water bucket by the door, I would have never thought that would be the case. I had old sheets and blankets ready to put down but didn’t have to! My windows look great! Will definitely recommend your company and will be liking you on Facebook!

Deborah HackmanDavisburg, MI

“Very friendly and accommodating!”

John HarrisLinden, MI